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Magic Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier

Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier - PPTQ - Sealed Format / Shadows Over Innistrad Release Event



**This event will be held inside of Carnahan Hall as part of LaffyCon**
800 Main St., Lafayette, IN


Join us on Saturday, April 9th, at 1pm for our Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier for Pro Tour Sydney. The format for this event is SEALED. This will also be a Shadows Over Innistrad Release Event. Each player will receive 6 booster packs to build their deck. All participants will get the Release Promo as well. 
**This event will be held at Carnahan Hall as part of LaffyCon**

Playing in our PPTQ grants you FREE access to LaffyCon! There is no additional charge for access to LaffyCon if you are playing in our event.
You may pay at the door or pre-register at Legendary Games.
Please call with any questions - 765-269-9146
Entry: $35

Guaranteed Prizes:

1st Place - Invite / Entry to the Regional PTQ + $150 cash

2nd Place - $80 cash

3rd & 4th Place - $50 cash

5th through 8th Place - 4 booster packs

Prizes will increase based on attendance. 
If we have more than 30 players, every player will get a free Shadows Over Innistrad booster pack!

Competitive REL.

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