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Alessandra is a digital artist from Puerto Rico, with a background in Studio Arts, who does private commission-work and freelance illustration. Be sure to check out her prints, cards, stickers, and other merch for sale! You can follow her on Patreon: AlessandraDC, Instagram: alessandra_dc, and Twitter: Alessandra_D_C

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Con goers, get a free balloon animal from William Tweddell from All Fun Twist ONLY FROM 12:00PM-2:00PM! Don’t miss out!


Arni’s Pizza

Saturday and Sunday, stop by Arni’s in Market Square, show your laffycon wristband and receive 10% off (excludes alcohol).

Arnold “Arni” Cohen opened the doors to the flagship restaurant in 1965 at Market Square Shopping Center in Lafayette. Originally seating a little over 100 people, within 10 years Arni’s at Market Square was one of the largest and most successful restaurants in Indiana, with seating for almost 500 patrons.


Artemis Portraits

Artemis Portraits was the brain child of Natalie Steele. Drawing since before she could write, Natalie always dreamed of having her own art business and making art for a living. She has been trained in painting (both oil and acrylic), drawing (pencil and charcoal), and life studies. She has a degree in Art History with a focus on Classical Greek and Roman Art and Italian Renaissance Art. She minored in Studio Arts, History, and Mathematics.


Blue Moon Comics

The store has strived to offer a selection of everything comic-related, from trade-paperbacks, toys, statues, DVDs, and other assorted merchandise. Blue Moon Comics Strikes Back offers customers a subscription service and are prepared to search for hard-to-find books. Blue Moon Comics Strikes Back desires to offer the best service possible and an atmosphere that is inviting to the casual shopper as well as their dedicated customer.

Brandon Michael Barker

ManOrMonster? Studios is home to the artwork of Brandon Michael Barker, including Warlords of Wor and other fine geekery.

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Cameron Kotterman

Ball State graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art and a concentration in Animation.


Chris Marshall

Collected Comics Library, hosted by Chris Marshall, The only podcast solely dedicated to news, information and reviews on all sorts of comic book collected editions including DC Comics Absolutes and Archives, Marvel Masterworks and Omnibus', Epic collections, trade paperbacks, hardcovers and more - the CCL covers it all!

Circle of Life Massage Therapy

Need to relax a little for this holiday? Be sure to stop by

Circle of Life’s Booth and get a chair massage! Only $1.00/minute Chair Massages up to 20 Minutes!


Comical Issues

Comical issues specialized in the selling of comic books and toys such as funko pops and action figures such as the marvel build a figures.

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Dope Bunny & Clive; Author:

Lacye Lembcke

Dope Bunny & Clive is an internet cartoon featuring a toy bunny, his friends, and their adventures. Every episode has something for everyone.

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Book Geeks
Geek Prints is a family business, created by a family that loves a good story. We love creating things that relate to what we are reading or watching. Ideas come to us as we read or when we are having a family movie night. We use our combined talents to craft objects we love to use in our daily lives. We want to share them with you!

James Stanchfield
Creative Consultant

Enjoys making things with his hands, while jammin' to his tunes. A collector of ephemera, he collects old books and print ads. Wishes he had more time to work on his classic cars.


Kelly Stanchfield
Lady of the House
Former librarian, turned stay at home mom. Lupus, Fibro and Lyme disease fighter. Sometimes enjoys crocheting cool things while resting in bed watching movies. Loves to throw awesome birthday parties. Her ideas for party themes inspired the founding of Geek Prints.

Corbin Stanchfield
Idea Master

Son, CJ loves anything LEGO, and he even makes stop motion animation videos with all of his sets. This passion for LEGO has everyone in the house excited. Now it isn't just about stop motion videos with LEGO, but also short adventure films. CJ LOVES Indiana Jones! We end up making all kinds of photo props for mini movies we make together as a family. He writes his own scripts and wants to be a movie director someday!

Our store is a bit eclectic, just like us. But one thing is certain, we all love a good story!


Gibson’s Custom Ceremonies

Ordained minister providing a personalized experience for your wedding. Message for prices and availability. LGBTQ and multi-faith friendly.


The Guac Box

Lafayette, IN's premier Tex-Mex food truck featuring tacos, nachos and fresh hand smashed guac will be set up outside of Carnahan Hall! Cash and Card Accepted




Infinity Toys

Family owned and operated in Lafayette, IN carrying a variety of products such as Star Wars, Transformers, NECA, Funko, Marvel, Disney and much much more!


Mayonnaise and Bread

VIL HAS AWOKEN ON AIRTH. Can DREDLOK & his friends once again defeat the evil thats engulfed this realm-- OR WILL THEY BE CONSUMED BY IT?

The premier stand alone issue is coming soon! Look for it here:

BOOK ONE telling the complete first story arc is coming soon, as well! Stay tuned & keep diggin that art sauce!

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Mrs Kraken Presents

Mrs Kraken Presents offers a haunting and interactive experience with props and madness and mystery and storytelling!

A convention with monsters and movies. A convention with games and grandeur. We want fire breathers, zombie marching bands, a game of Dread with Stephen King, maddening movies that make you yell "don't open that door!" Haunted houses you have to puzzle out an escape, pandemonium and partying. The song goes on and on.

In 2020 this apparition will manifest and you are invited to sing with us. To chant her name and call her forth. Our mistress of the deep. the sultry and maddening whisper which must be heard to be known. Join us in making it a scream and come see what Mrs Kraken Presents.... when she presents all things horror and gaming in the convention event of a lifetime... and perhaps eons and eons beyond.

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John Tyler Christopher

John Tyler Christopher is a Harvey Award nominated illustrator from Lafayette, In. His work has appeared on the covers of MARVEL’s Avengers Solo: Hawkeye, Star Wars, Figment, New Mutants, Annihilators: Earthfall, Dark Avengers, Spider-man, Venom; and the 50th Anniversary Spider-man Encyclopedia. Other covers appear on Top Cow’s Witchblade and Artifacts as well as DC’s Voodoo. It can also be found in both table-top and video games, as well as film and television. He enjoys spending time with his wife and daughters and waxing intellectually about the shear awesomeness of the Gorn.

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Jonathan Janz Book Signing-@Second Flight Books-SATURDAY ONLY!

Stop in at Second Flight Books (in Market Square) to buy a signed copy of Jonathan Janz’s new novel THE DARK GAME (as well as THE SIREN AND THE SPECTER and several other books)! SATURDAY ONLY: 1:00PM-2:30PM

Journey Into Comics-Official Laffycon Hosts

Journey Into Comics is a podcast dedicated to everything nerd, and has been streaming to the masses since 2014. Hosted by Nate Phillips and Branden Stone, Journey Into Comics has surpassed 100 episodes and is available on podcast services such as iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher, and Google Play Music.

Journey Into Comics will be hosting LaffyCon's 2 Day Event this year as our official MCs and hosting all of our panels on stage throughout the event!

11 - Doors
12-12:45 - Journey Into Comics 241
1-1:45 - Brews With Dudes
2 - 2:45 - Dungeons With Dudes
3 - 3:45 - Foodies Watching Movies
4 - 4:45 - Podcastrophe
12 - Doors
1-1:45 - Adulting Ain't Easy
2 - 2:45 - Voice of Survival - Nick Maxson
3 - 3:45 - JiC/LaffyCon Wrap Party

All events are live podcasts, we encourage audience participation and will be getting guests from the event to appear on the shows!

KK’s Magical Menagerie

A collection of Harry Potter inspired treasures for the wizard and witch in all of us. Replica wands, Hogwarts house scarves and hats, necklace charms, robes and more!


Madeline’s Toy Box

Check out her collection of items for sell as well as some of her original art!


McKenzie Fletcher

Anime, manga, video games, and the general geeky community. Based in Indiana, a student artist that loves to draw and create.



Kevin Tracy is an artist best known for his pixel art masterpiece graphic novel series, The MSPaint Comic; which is created almost entirely in the Windows XP version of Microsoft Paint. He also typically has unique pixel art prints and non-digital art he brings with him to conventions. Kevin Tracy is a United States Air Force veteran and former counterterrorism analyst.


Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 4.34.45 PM.png

This book is not filled with fluff and light-hearted fun. There are no jokes, no funny musings, nothing like my other works. This book has stories not for the faint of heart or who are easily offended. It has stories dealing with the macabre nature of humans and focuses on subjects some readers my feel uncomfortable with. If you feel this book is not for you, please put it down and read something else. However, if you are ready to delve into dark, twisted tales of a horrific nature. Then enjoy your reprieve at…The Nightmare Oasis.

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Skillful StudioS

Skillful StudioS is the artwork of Matthew M. Skillern, an Indianapolis based comic book artist, illustrator and creator of the COMIC.*F


Star Wars Indiana

Star Wars Indiana is the local face of the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion. The legions are international charitable costuming organizations whose members create and wear screen accurate Star Wars costumes for the purpose of participating in charitable and community events. When you think of Stormtroopers, Jedi, or even Darth Vader at a children's hospital or sporting event, that's us! We partner and cooperate closely with Lucasfilm Ltd. and represent the finest in Star Wars costuming around the globe. The local chapters of these organizations are Indiana's Bloodfin Garrison and Mos Espa Base, which you can learn about below.

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2200 Elmwood Ave Ste D8/Lafayette, Indiana

Lafayette's premier destination for Board Games, Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! & other TCGs, Warhammer, RPGs, HeroClix, and more. We buy all MTG cards!


Zesty Quest

For unique and beautiful jewelry, accessories, paintings, and prints, look no further than ZestyQuest! Add a bit of reverie to your life today!